Tango not only takes place at night, that´s because we invite you now to discover it, during the day.

Ideal for families, groups of friends and couples who want to have fun and meet the real Tango Argentino.

You will be able to meet people of all ages, all levels of dance, and from around the world, in a magical and real “porteño” atmosphere.

After a private tango lesson, by our staff of professional dancers, we will start the tour with a visit to a ballroom where the so called “practicas”, are held. There you can practice your first dance steps and enjoy a delicious coffee with croissants.

The complete tour includes:

icono-blanco Two bilingual guides

icono-blanco Transportation from and to the hotel during the tour

icono-blanco Private tango class with two professional dancers

icono-blanco Visit to a milonga

icono-blanco Coffee and croissants.

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Live a real night of pure Tango!!!!

icono Why real?

A lot of people from different parts of the world visit Buenos Aires looking for authentic experiences, and, not prepared for the average tourist.

Let’s start with the first major difference that separates the stage tango from the so called tango salon or traditional. The first is basically a choreographic tango, often consisting of several dance couples, prepared for a stage and accompanied by a live orchestras, lights and show costumes. The tango salon, also called traditional, is characterized as an improvised dance, where the man is the one that leads or proposes, and the woman follows or disposes. In this case, the dance does not develop on a stage, but in a ballroom also called “milonga”.

icono What is a Milonga?

The milonga is the place where locals and tango lovers from around the world go to dance Tango. Since this is a purely social dance, where the dance floor is shared, there are several codes or rules that should be respected.

icono What are the tips I should know by the time I go to the milonga?

  • You dance counterclockwise. The more advanced dancers dance near the tables that surround the dance floor, while the ones that have less experience, must remain at the center of the dance floor.
  • The tangos are divided in sets. Each set has 4 tangos of the same orchestra and should be danced from the beginning to the end with the same person. We recognize that a set has finished when we hear the “curtain” ,which is any rhythm or musical style different from the tango.
  • When a tango finishes or between set and set, people do not clap. Only applaud if there is an exhibition or show.
  • In the milonga it is more frequent that the gentleman invites the lady to dance. The most traditional and usual way, is with a “nod”. This occurs once eye contact between two people happened, the gentleman tilts his head toward the dance floor, if the lady accepts, she moves his head with a nod. Then awaits that the man approaches her table, to accompany her to the dance floor.

icono Why should I take the “Tango Tour”?

Visiting a milonga, one learns more about the Argentina culture, its origins and customs. You live a real tango atmosphere, accompanied by a good wine and empanadas, while you listen to traditional tangos.

icono What includes the tour?

  • Bilingual guide and transportation to and from the hotel.
  • Group tango class
  • Visit to two milongas (tickets included)

icono What options could I add to my tour to make more complete?

  • Private class with two dancers and teachers of Tango
  • Dinner and drinks

icono What are the hours and days to make the tour?

Times may change according to the day of the week and the needs of our customers. But you need to know that the milongas, usually, start late at night. Having said that, the closer to midnight, the better chance to see an authentic milonga in all its glory.
Departure time suggested by Tango Streets, for the Tango Tour, with private class, is 20.30 hours.
While, if you do not wish a private class, the best time to leave would be at 22:00 hours. The return time and the end of the tour is approximately 2 AM.
Every day of the week there are milongas, but we specially recommend Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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